Antonio Benítez

I was born in a small village of Badajoz (Spain) at the end of 1985. Since I was a child I used to love assemble and disassemble all type of pieces while I was playing, and then I started helping my father to repair machinery. My interest in music and instruments awakened when I was a teenager, and so my desire to learn to play the guitar. Hence, my first electric guitar fell into my hands when I was 15.

I bought my first electric bass when I was 22, which gets unbalanced regularly due to constructive issues. It might be said that my interest in lutherie started at that point, as I learned how to adjust it in a self-taught way.

After finishing my Bachelor’s Degree, crisis was at its highest point and I couldn’t find a job, so I decided to built my own electric bass, in a self-taught way once again, with not too many tools and more misses than hits. However, this experience taught me about being persistent and never
give up, and what is more important, I began to appreciate the most beautiful gift that nature could have given to us: the wood.
So I spent the next few years building my own instruments by trial and error, but the idea of signing up for lutherie lessons was around my mind for some time. That’s how I found Chacón’s Lutherie School in Málaga, where I met the person who would become my friend and mentor, Jose Ángel Chacón Escobar (Chico). There I learnt to build classic guitars and repair different string instruments.

After a few months in the school, Chico gave me his blessing to take my work to the next level, which is everything you can see in this site.

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